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This portfolio was completed to fulfill program requirements in my PhD Program.  For more information about me and my complete work history, please visit:

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Katie Stringer

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Table of Contents

About Me


Coursework and Projects



Professional Development

Curriculum Vitae

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What is this “Doctoral Portfolio,” anyway?

Welcome to my online doctoral portfolio;  I created this site as a part of the requirements for the PhD Program in Public History at Middle Tennessee State University.

According to the PhD Handbook, “The doctoral portfolio is the means by which a candidate’s mastery of public history literature and praxis will be evaluated in lieu of a written exam in the Public History field.  From the point of matriculation, each student should begin compiling a portfolio of exemplary work, including work products from class projects, research/graduate assistant assignments, and the residency; research papers completed as class assignments; and work products from any independent projects completed during one’s doctoral studies.  During the residency year, specifically as part of HIST 7992, candidates are expected to prepare their doctoral portfolios for examination.”

This website will house my portfolio reflection essay as well as class and work products completed during my time as a PhD student at MTSU.

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